away from you

I place my value on others
I don't like myself
But I hope you'll like me into liking myself
Got it?

I take it personal when it doesn't work out
But I like you
And you like me
Why can't it work?

Too hard to talk
Your words meet my words
And jumble in the space et tween uz
Not making sense of nonsensical nonsense

Ah, ah
I clear my throat
But what I speak gives no return
A deep silence
Of rejection and miscommunication

I'm tired of people telling me how to live
I'm me
I can't fit the image
I have to do myself

And talking, just talking
It's too difficult
It hurts! Physically hurts!!!
My body wants no more
My jaw tense from not shouting

Hello, boy!
Can you hear me!!!??
Can you understand??!!!
I aim for your ears and miss
Your eyes on mine
Then away


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