Saturday, July 22, 2017

alien girl

And I said, I can only be so great
Lost in infatuation 
Diseased unreality
To see perfection in me
To put themselves lower
But you are worthy they shout
They tell me of my shallow depths
My otherworldliness
Reduce me to their slight imagination
See my hard work as inconsequential
My open discussion as an admission of untouched trauma
I'm taking care of my shit
You handle you 
And when you're straight 
Then you can approach my crooked greatness
We could have fun maybe

Monday, May 1, 2017


I'm not responsible for your feelings
I'm not a feelings receptacle
But who's feelings are more important??
"I'm broken, and sad, and running in circles
Let me use your body to cushion the blow"
Saw boundaries as a disorder 
Open to everyone
Wounds oozing unwanted touch trickle drop
"Touch my infection and feel yourself
Heel, bitch
Stop moving and let my dick fix you"

may we

I was in the haze
And an apparition told me
I'm what you want
Born May 5, 1985
Sweet, gentle, hugged me
Until my teeth fell out

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

loud passes

You pulled me against you
Pressed your nose in my ear
Told me you were an enigma 
'They've given up on knowing me'
But do you know yourself? 
It was a stuck you were in
A confidence built on saying you were better then the other 
Your eyes rolled back with the truth

tenderness possessed

I saw you out of the corner of my eye
Your face on another's 
Smiling sideways
Unlike you
A warmth possessed 
A tenderness in death
And it hurt in a surprising way
Remembering you twice 
When I usually never think of you
What does your ghost want to tell me?

Sunday, March 19, 2017

the smell of cold

What did they mean to me
And I, through loving them
Stopped believing in love
Their awkward attempts at existence 
Painful, slow, hurting
They smelled of cold
And unhappy was a tangible thing
Ammonia and a low living engery
Sweat that cooled us
In the way of sickness
I stopped believing in life the way I used to 
They said they'd break me
Show me how I was supposed to live