How are you true to your voice
Do you let the bullshit words speak for you
Mute your sound
Talk around others
Below auditory perception
I quiet my voice
Am I not true
If it's quiet, silence, mute?
Am I lying?
Who do I lie to?
How do we access our truth?
How do we find it
Tell each other we are still looking
Figuring things out
Taking our time
Waiting for something
I want significance now
I want my truth
My heart words
Speak them freely
Speak them loud
A shout
A slinky body movement
Burst of heated love, dance, move, move, move, shout
Dance of words
My words, and truth, and body, and movement
I want a repetition until I remember
Repeat it, repeat it repeat, repeat
Over over over over over over
Over is our silence
As we dance in unison
Our eyes locking, acknowledging
Dance, move, love, words, truth


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