It was cold
But I decided I wanted to be around you
Stiff leather cutting into my neck
I saw you standing with a friend 
You never want to be alone

He saw me through glass and people
I saw bullshit in two human flesh sacks

"We are trying to get him some pussy"
The two headed monster, with the weak chins and flat teeth, nervously palmed a bottle
Drink, drink
Maybe the pussy will talk back to me

We watched an old drunk breathe on some pussies
Trying hard to get in
"I respect his persistence"
I told the shitter to move
Stood with my back to him
Talked to the humans I was helping 

When we are alone he says
"I hate people."
Am I special because you want to put your dick inside me?
Tells me to be excited
What do I like?
Make sure it's something I like too

I didn't say anything
Just watched him struggle to relate
To recognize humanity
To love simply 

Weak boy stood in front of me
Rejection and annoyance 
Trying to talk
What music do you listen to?
You don't know any punk bands?
Why did she leave me?


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