You possess a certain dance
For entertainment purposes
You stretch a smile
You cough a laugh

I never intend to listen, watch
I always pretend
It never matters
Much, much, too much

I was never one to believe
Praise was just a way
To make you do something you don't want to
Praise is just a pretty hook

God, you got me
In the dark
I turn my ear
I need, need, need to hear

That syrup that tends to drip
Slip, slip, slip from you mouth
Lips look sly, all on their own
Curving in that way that warns me

I think I forgot something
From the age somewhere near impressionable and hard set
I hadn't learned I deserve to love myself
I had always wished for someone to love me first

A circled story of you
With tiny dips of favored sweet indulgences
"She was better, better, better..."

"That bitch didn't know her place."
Not that those were the exact words
But they were followed by a laugh
Followed by declarations of God forged love

I have learned the steps
Ever single
Time doesn't change them
But I had hoped it would


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