Saturday, August 21, 2010


Two were at the table

The same place

Where days spin past

They stay put

Words reaching to paper sentences

Happy was the chosen word

The letter went along the lines of

Repeat, repeat and stress...

"Dear sir (happy) son,

I give you this happy car

It has lots of happy miles

And will last many happy years

You and your happy sons will have this car for a happy long time to come

I happily hope this sentiment becomes true

Happy driving

Sincerely happy,

Your happy father"

The wife and mother thinks

Maybe he should pick a different word

At the end

"You used it more than once,"

Her voice sounding as if her husband stole all her happy

The husband isn't so sure

His slow response unsure

"What should I use instead?"

His head swinging on its neck hinge

Up, the rusted thing tilts

"There is no car, so why bother"

And the happy (?), confused man starts the letter over

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