Friday, March 26, 2010


You could say
I am already dead
But I am not mourning
Because I am expecting a ressurection
Any time now
When I'll be shoved in a corner
And my cold frozen arms
They will have to recall how to move
And my legs
I bend the joint
And test the hinge
And I think I could kick my way out
They say the nails keep growing
Curling protien
Still wanting to be useful
Remembering what it was like to be alive
And in that corner
I'll flex my fingers
And make sure they still work
I bunch them into fists
And I'll pound my way through
And my heart will start thudding in my chest
Realizing it needs to help me
Blood warming me
Rushing to each point
And my brain
I'll remind it not to think
Just yet
Soft words slip
From my lips
From rote
I shout
My throat hurting from slight effort
And my eyes become wet
But I am not crying
When you are this angry
And this desperate
It is not called that
And I am alive
After so long
That is what'll happen
But right now
I lie
For that single miracle

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