Friday, March 26, 2010


I was young
So maybe we could write it off as that
I was young
So maybe, maybe it was that
And I lost many things
And your presence
Was missing
And I wonder if it was intentional
That you were missing
A space between lines
Cut out
White out
White noise
I remember so clearly
Her face
Not yours 
Lined and tired
As she walked around in her nightshirt
Eyes not awake
As she handed me-
And you, I guess
A box of cereal
And you were on the edges
Of my conscious
A ghost
Who liked to pull hair
Who thought everyone wanted to yank her
And you live to haunt us, now
There were empty rooms
And you'll be happy to hear
I remember the bugs crawling on my clothes
Better than I remember you
Sleeping in the bed next to mine
Those palm trees
Whispering of heat
Outside that window
A bare room
Except for a TV and a couch
You disappeared
Flashing colors and sounds
Flash flood 
Drowning you
Because I don't remember
If you were even there
And years passed
And I looked back
To that time
They said you were there
I have the pictures to prove
But how come I only remember being with you
One time
And it wasn't all that fun

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