Thursday, May 28, 2009


Shit, woman
Cranky old bastard is at it again
Like a hungry bear
The perfect comparison
Being that he is as fat as a bear
Me, being the only sympathizer for her
The man sat on a splintery log
It is lodged in deep
He thinks I respect him
Even, possibly, love him
My childhood stores ran out
After too many shots to my vitals
It is easy to blame him
Respect her, used to be on repeat
Fine example good sir
He makes cruel remarks
Barely disguised as compliments
As if she is stupid
Her voice gets shaky from contained grief
He just laughs
As if she is stupid
What does he want from her?
A mother for his little self?
I'm going to leave soon
And I'll be glad for it
But I worry about her
She says I am the only sane one
She says she is happy I was born
It may get worse when I leave
It gets me mad
I'll come back for her if I need to
Even if she thinks he still loves her

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