Friday, May 1, 2009


Sniffing up those snots
Chomping/snapping that gum
Wiggling her foot
Her & her "twin"
Yawning too
Phones buzzing
Long nails itching
Chew chew chew
Soft, wet gum
Yawning again
Scribbling away
Scratching her face
Blinking slowly
The left out laughing triplet
Doesn't get that they are twins
As if she is "with" them
They ignore her
Her shoes match her writing
They ask for her notes
And she thinks they're friends
Like we're still in high school
Damns, one of the twins bumped my chair
Biting/sucking her nails
Tasty for her
The professor goes on and on
She is texting now
Talking, loudly, to her twin
Blowing her paper in my direction
Curly head twins

Dedicated to those noisy twins in my AVS class.

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