Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Someone left the tap running
Dribbling, sickly like
Like a baby's mouth
Trying to keep food in
Working their lips and tongue
But food slipping out anyway
Like that overeager toddler
Thirsty from their stumblings around the living room carpet
Sucking at their sippy cup as if it were air
Juice escaping and falling off their chin
Like that seven year old
Chomping on an apple
As if they were a horse
Food as well as juice sliding down their chins
Like that twelve year old
On a hot summer day
Mouth attached to cool popsicles
Chocolate and artificial fruit
Unnoticed smatterings
Like that drunken college student
Barf and beer mingling...okay I am getting carried away
Someone should have turned off that sink
Lucky I was around before it started flooding-ha!

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