Friday, March 20, 2009


You think you're so great
Look at that smug face!
Those tacky gold chains
Since when do you rap and gyrate next to video hunnies?
Do you think I idolize you?
Because you can string a sentence together
You call it–
Who knows what
But I bet you think it's great
Better than what this little girl in front of you has to offer
I see that patronizing glint in your eyes
"Isn't it good?"
The woman next to you asks
You don't say anything
And I know it's not because it's bad
When you hear that I am learned
You latch on
Are you drowning–
In your incompetence?
"It can't be?! It can't be!?!"
You don't say it
But I'd like to
With my own smug smile
Because your crackhead attitude won't make me feel bad about myself
You and your oh so comforting rationalizations
My strings of sentences are pearls

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