Saturday, January 17, 2009


I don't know you
But I already hate you
Is it the aura of fake
The way you dress
The way you act
The company you keep
I've met your kind before
Wandering around this jungle of a world
Posing grandly
Waiting to be shot down love?
Lifting your head high
Trying to ignore the problems surrounding you?
Eat the weak little animals
It may make you feel better
That mask slips
Again and again
The other predators may smell you
All the fear
You reek of it
I guess I don't hate you
Just what you do
To make yourself feel better
The lying
To yourself
I wish I could tell you it could get better
But you slip the mask on again
Trying to hide the vulnerable and weak creature you are
People say they love you
Tell you you're beautiful
How come that doesn't make you feel...
I cringe when I see desperation
Flickering across your face
I can't be the only one who sees it
Or maybe you attract a weaker prey
A bigger herd
And when I oppose you
Allude you
Ignore your so called charms
I see that disgust
Disbelief in their eyes
Keep your false idol
It's rusted on the inside

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