Saturday, January 17, 2009


I suppose I know
Know now
No matter what
What I say
You twist it
It mystifies me
The way you torture yourself
The way you see the worst
In every situation
No matter what
What I say
You only believe what she says
Not me
I see the way you cling
Cling to each other
As if you are the only two suffering
The only two lonely
The only two in pain
And somehow
Somehow it makes me angry
Do you even try to understand
Try to get me
Wallowing is far better
Better than the pain
The pain that truth can cause
I suppose I'll never be able
Be able to change your opinion
Already blackened
And dead
Unable to support new life
New hope
New dreams
I guess what we had was just
Just a happy illusion
For a while we got each other
And shared secrets
Now you're a secret
Never to be shared

1 comment:

LinG said...

this is wicked. i hate secret because it always follow backstabbing. thank you so much for sharing it... it's like getting a new perspective at the words "that secret"
sorry. pressed the wrong button. lol.