Saturday, January 17, 2009


Too hard
Not at all
All a game
A ruse
A trick
I was never one for tricks
Limbs flailing
As if over-exaggeration will hide or banish it
You pull and push
As of hurting others will stop your hurt
I want to say it
"I love you"
But I am sure you'll laugh if off
With those dead eyes of yours
Maybe it is too late for words
You look at me
And tell me I'm angry
I raise my eyebrows and look upon you calmly
Where is this anger
I felt none in me
Just latent frustration
If I am angry what are you?
That I doubt
How could simple unassuming words be translated that way?
It makes me want to turn my face away
Do I need to feel this way
Because of the way you feel
What disease is eating away at your soul
Your mind
And your memory
Who was whispering in your ear?
Every word you say makes you look the fool
I am amazed when those around you agree with your statements
Am I invisible?
I doubt anything
Anything I say or do could change your mind

And maybe I should just go before you hurt me more

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