I feel tired
When I look in your eyes
And you tell me
Tell me that I hate you
Tired of fighting you
Solidifying your assumptions
More and more
You drift away
Out of my reach
Tired of talking
Talking to the air
Because I know
I know you're not listening
Tired of seeing disinterest
As you coldly wait for me
Wait for me to become silent
I watch you laugh
Laughing with them
And not me
It doesn't make me
Make me as sad as it used to
I know I should move on
Every gesture
Every glance
Makes me too aware
That I am not needed
Nor wanted
It makes me numb
But it pushes me
Where I need to be
As much as I would like
Like to have a connection with you
There is a history
Mapping it out
That that may never be an option
And that makes me relieved in a way
But now I am lost in the sadness
A sadness that will become bittersweet


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