Wednesday, December 24, 2008


You are clawing
About to
Maybe you don't know it yet
I watch as you turn
Turn into someone I don't recognize
I try to reconnect
But your eyes can't even seem to hold mine
I know you hide pain
Maybe you believe no one sees it
But you should have made your hurt less obvious
You call me cruel
I open my mouth
You stop me mid-sentence
What are you so afraid to hear?
The truth
That makes you
You burrow deeper into that pain
I grow tired of the hurtful things you do
The things to mask your own misery
You judge me wrong
Because all you can see is yourself
As I grow stronger
More free
Was it I that made you feel that way?
You pretend to do the same
With that fake smile
Dead eyes
You're not happy
You know that all too well
Crawling back into that shell
Of yours
I don't know what to do


LinG said...

oh wow it is so beautiful. sort of reminds me of what i am feeling right now. thanks for sharing

マリアンナ said...

Thank you! And you're welcome~