Monday, September 22, 2008


An example
Of why I avoid
Why I see it as all pointless
Don't do such stupid things
Can you see that you are no longer liked
They say they can't help but do what they do
Can they not try harder
Do I try
In my situation
It is hard to feel helpless
And that makes me angry
With you
With what I am
I don't know how to react
It feels as if
As if my heart was your soccer ball
I feel the kicks
When did I let you near my heart?
I thought I was its sole possessor
I wish I had never left it unprotected
For someone so insignificant to snatch it up
I did not think
This is tiring
As if I am chasing
Through a hilly green field
After your back
Kick kick
Kicking the heck
Out of your plaything
My damn heart
I was wondering why it felt so cold
In there
There is a cavity
Why did it only take a little sweetness
To do all this damage

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