Monday, September 22, 2008


The sun was setting and the blue and yellow glow around her seemed misplaced. People standing and waiting. Faces expressionless. The night air clinging to a trace of summer. Fall trying to break through the weakened glass framework bubble enclosing the faint and quickly disappearing heat, warmth.

Where did this familiar scene come from? To her it whispered sweetness and good memories. Nights of carefree fun, when life seemed simple. No one was having fun here. Why did it reminded her of that? Brightly lit rides. Spinning. Laughter. The smell of popcorn. Cheap stalls offering to take your money so you can pop a balloon or throw a ball.

No one was moving here. People huddled. Talked in low whispers or not at all. Somewhere voices could be heard chattering on. Behind her.

She looked around her, wondering if she were to go back it would look just like this. Emotionless faces. People just living, but barely. Trying to distract themselves from life. Hands grabbing at flavorless, salty popcorn and too sweet wisps of sugary cotton. Releasing screams as you dangle in the air upside down.

How come it looks exactly the same?

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Loong said...

Life is simple. People just get bored of it and try to find a short cut out. They just do not want to believe how simple it is.