Monday, September 29, 2008


It was strange to her that it could feel like another world if she just crossed the street. She remembered when she was young, and she saw her house through a yard and on a street she never saw before. From their angle her house didn't look like hers.

Perhaps it was the rain and the dim bus, but it didn't seem like the same way home. Her jaw slack. The bus vibrating. Her teeth clattering together. As if from shivering.

The seats were mostly empty. It was rainy and grey. Maybe it only seemed different because she saw her house in a similar way. But she didn't recall rain. It was the same feeling as when an unknown woman passed. A familiar scent filling her senses. It brought memories almost to the surface. But they remained vague. She tried to find a trace of the smell to foster the appearance. But it was gone. And maybe now the woman's image would replace the old memories. The ones that seemed to be happy ones. Or made so by time.


Loong said...

It's too good. Have you publish any book?

マリアンナ said...

Hello! I didn't notice your comment. And thanks for the compliment. No I have never published anything...yet.

Loong said...

Your piece are really well.
Wish I have your skill.
Keep me entertain and thinking at the same time.