Sunday, August 17, 2008


She walked in a daze. Pulling the change out of her pocket as she waited in line. She was aware of the living creatures around her. But faces and bodies blended in the background of her consciousness.

Her fingers felt cold and numb as she fumbled with the hard coins. The thin coat not disguising the shivers as she moved slightly to keep warm. Eyes unfocused she waited as everyone around and behind her somehow managed to get on the warm bus before her.

Her stiff leg moved forward slowly when a space had finally opened for her. No one was behind her. She could feel the wind blowing on her back. A girl in front of her was clutching two bulky bags. One of which bumped into her repeatedly as the girl struggled to swipe her card. How was this girl not cold? Those small tight jeans and equally small jacket with its fake fur trim.

She slowly fed her money into the machine as the bus jerked and started moving. The seats were filled, and she sat in the closest vacant one in the middle of two ridged passengers. Her body tried to avoid contact with both. Her arms folded at a slightly odd angle in her lap. Her numb legs getting accustomed to a new awkward environment.

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