Monday, February 18, 2008


It was dark. I walked, my feet unsure of their path. I stumbled over nothing time and time again. Being overly cautious I stretched my legs far out in front of me. I lifted my legs high. The shadows made every step more uncertain. I walked quickly even though I feared I would stumble. I didn't recall it taking this long before. The cold was beginning to freeze my face. I wiggled my nose and moved my lips. They hurt slightly from the movement. I breathed out. I could make out, only slightly in the faint orange glow of the streetlights, my breath coming out in clouds of moisture.

I felt alone, I was alone. My heart felt as if it was freezing from the cold. I started to run, my legs continuing their awkward gait. My breath came out in even greater clouds. My eyes watered. I attempted to move my frozen limbs, to warm them. I kept looking behind me, as if expecting a dark silhouette to be following in the distance.

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